Dietary Supplements Recalled for Unapproved New Drug


Company Announcement Date:
November 22, 2020
FDA Publish Date:
November 23, 2020
Product Type:
Dietary Supplements
Reason for Announcement:
Unapproved new drug
Company Name:
Fusion Health and Vitality LLC
Brand Name:
CORE, Immune Boost
Product Description:
CORE essential nutrients and Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3

Company Announcement

Fusion Health and Vitality LLCis voluntarily recalling all 2020 Lots of CORE essential nutrients and Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3. CORE has been found to contain an unapproved food additive, hordenine HCl, rendering it adulterated. Immune Boost Labeling was found to contain statements that caused it to become and unapproved new drug under FDA labeling laws. Hordenine HCl is possibly unsafe when taken by mouth. Hordenine HCl might have similar stimulant effects and side effects such as rapid heart rate and high blood pressure.
Fusion Health and Vitality LLC has not received any reports of adverse events related to this recall.  Please review the attached photos for identification.
We began shipping Core Essential Nutrients on 1/2/2020 and we began shipping Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 on 4/15/2020.
Both products are packaged with labels which prominently display the product name.  CORE essential nutrients are found in a dark colored jar, in powdered format.  This product was formulated to mix into a liquid before consumption.
The Immune Boost sublingual was packaged in a 2 ounce bottle that came with a sublingual application dropper.
Fusion Health and Vitality is notifying its customers by email and is arranging for return of all recalled products.
Consumers that have product which is being recalled should stop using it and return it to Fusion Health and Vitality for destruction.

Read the full report here.
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