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California Consumer Privacy Policy Preference Portal
California Resident Rights:
California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides California Residents with specific rights regarding their Personal Information. In all cases the business is required to verify the resident making the request is the same resident for which the business has collected personal information from.
The options below may be exercised:

  1. Right to access information.
    A California resident has the right to request disclosure of the categories and specific pieces of Personal Information the business has collected about the consumer. This option is being exercised below.
  2. Right to delete information.
    A California resident has the right to request the business delete personal information that the business has collected about the resident.
  3. Right to opt-out of the sale of their Personal Information.
    A consumer has the right to opt-put of their personal information collected by the business to be sold or shared.

We have the following personal information in our systems within the last 12 months:
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This information was given to a Service Provider for:

  • Verification of your opt-in to receive email marketing from us
  • Determine what marketing you may be interested in
  • To send commercial emails
  • To confirm you have not requested further offers from us

For questions or concerns please reach out to:
Privacy Officer
6965 El Camino Real #542
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(858) 284-1393