Which of the Following Medical Conditions Can Botox Treat?

Which of the Following Medical Conditions Can Botox Treat??

  1. Crossed Eyes
  2. Chronic Headaches
  3. Excessive Sweating
  4. Bladder Incontinence


Botox has been approved for a multitude of uses. Botox was actually first used to treat crossed eyes by ophthamologist Alan B. Scott. To learn more from a clinical study click here.

In 2004 the FDA approved Botox to treat excessive underarm sweating (severe axillary hyperhidrosis). Since Botox affects nerve endings it turns out to be an effective way to confuse the sweat glands. Read more here.

In 2010 the FDA approved using Botox to treat people suffering from chronic migraines. Often times these headaches would have additional symptoms including nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. To read more on this click here.


More recently Botox has proven to be an effective way to treat urinary incontinence and overactive bladders giving hope to many. To read an in depth study on the subject click here.


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