Water Treatment Plant Hacked: Tap Water Chemicals Altered!

Water Health Warning

Near the end of March, a water treatment facility was hacked by a Syrian individual or group. The pseudonym “Kemuri Water Company” was given for the facility, but no location was specified.
It has been confirmed that while the hackers were not familiar with the water pump system, they were able to modify the chemical mixture used to clean and treat tap water after accessing the control system four times over a 60-day period.
If your home is equipped with a quality (and regularly maintained) water filter, or if you use a test kits on a regular basis, you would likely be safe from these types of attacks. However, it is unnerving to learn how easily a hacker can gain control of critical water infrastructure.

Water test kits are cheap and easy to use. There is no reason NOT to check your water.

The breach security company, Verizon Security Solutions, were able to lock down the system from further exposure, but not before the hackers had their way with the chemical controls, and stole information on 2.5 million water customers.
The hackers broke in by exploiting a weakness in the website used by customers to pay their water bills. For more info on the attack, here is the source.

How Do You Protect Yourself and Your Family?

  • Use a Water Filter/Dispenser

    Water dispensers/Point-of-Use (POU) filters include refillable pitchers, refrigerator dispensers, faucet-mount filters, and more. Most are easy to buy and install. Our favorite water filter, the AquaTru, is powerful enough to even turn Coke® into drinking water. If you don’t have a water purifier, this is the one we recommend.



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  • Test Your Water. Regularly.

    Water test kits are cheap and easy to use. There is no reason NOT to check your water. Here are a few examples that you can order directly from Amazon to test your water as soon as possible:

  • Install a Whole-House Water Filter

    Whole house/Point-of-entry (POE) filters, such as water softeners, treat all the water entering your home, and are normally installed after the municipal water main.

Finally, all filters require on-going maintenance, to make sure your home water treatment is cleaning your water effectively. Make sure you check and replace your water filters on a regular basis.