Trail Mix Recalled Due to Undeclared Allergens


Company Announcement Date:
October 07, 2021
FDA Publish Date:
October 09, 2021
Product Type:
Food & Beverages
Reason for Announcement:
Undeclared peanuts
Company Name:
Nestlé Professional
Brand Name:
Nature’s Heart
Product Description:
Fruit and trail mix products

Company Announcement

Nestlé Professional, Solon, OH is recalling four Nature’s Heart 1.5 ounce fruit and trail mix products because they may contain undeclared peanuts. People who have an allergy to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

The recalled products are:

Nature’s Heart 1.5 oz Superfood
Trail Mix

  • Pouch UPC: 050000211944
  • Case UPC: 050000618569
Nature’s Heart 1.5 oz Toasted
Coconut Chips

  • Pouch UPC: 050000695454
  • Case UPC: 050000695454
Nature’s Heart 1.5 oz Pineapple
Chili Cashew Glazed Mix

  • Pouch UPC: 050000867967
  • Case UPC: 050000948758
Nature’s Heart 1.5 oz Mango
Turmeric Cashew Glazed Mix

  • Pouch UPC: 050000891450
  • Case UPC: 050000692514

Batch codes and best buy dates are included in the chart below. See squares in images below to identify where to find batch codes & best by dates.

Material Description Batch Best By
Nature’s Heart Superfood Trail Mix 1.5 oz. 1083T353T2 DEC 2021
1200T353T3 APR 2022
Product Batch Code Best By
Nature’s Heart Toasted Coconut Chips 1.5 oz. 1120T353T2 JAN 2022
1121T353T2 FEB 2022
1197T353T3 APR 2022
Product Batch Code Best By
Nature’s Heart Mango Turmeric Cashew Glazed Mix
1.5 oz.
1089T353T2 DEC 2022
1091T353T2 JAN 2022
Product Batch Code Best By
Nature’s Heart Pineapple Chili Cashew Glazed Mix 1.5 oz. 1096T353T2 JAN 2022
1140T353T2 FEB 2022

The recall was initiated after Nestlé Professional received two complaints from individuals with peanut allergies who ate the Nature’s Heart Superfoods Trail Mix and Mango Turmeric Cashew Glazed Mix and experienced mild reactions. No severe reactions or hospitalizations have been reported.

None of the products contain peanuts, and peanuts are not identified as an allergen on the product labels, but we are investigating whether the products may have been inadvertently cross-contaminated with peanuts during manufacture.

Read the full report here.

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