“The Martian” Book / Movie Review

"The Martian" Book / Movie Review

Over the past few years I’ve been into reading books that have been made into major motion pictures. I don’t limit my reading by this mind you, but if there is an opportunity to read a good book and watch someone’s take on it i’ll take advantage of it. The books themselves tend to be a quick weekend read with the exception of LoR… that was pretty much the only kind of adultery that I can condone. To be honest most of the time the movies fall short of the written version. I believe I enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy on film more but that is mainly due to it being a book primarily written for 14 year old girls… shut your face… my niece asked me to see the movie with her, I couldn’t say no… so I read the book… anyways… There has only been one movie soooo bad that it actually ruined my memory of the book; Dune. I wish Mr. Jackson would take a chance on that one. I can’t fathom how that director was able to find success after that… or even work for that matter.

That is enough of a back story I suppose… I’ll fill the rest of the post with my latest book / movie experience, “The Martian” written by Andy Weir, movie directed by Ridly Scott, screen play by Drew Goddard.

The Book
I give it a B. It was entertaining. It had science in it. There was action in it. Your basic man vs. environment scenario. Now mind you… I was a chaperone at astrocamp when the movie came out and there was nothing but disappointing squawking coming from astrophysicists and such about how implausible all of that was. I didn’t let that stop me from taking advantage of the book / movie opportunity. Besides… stories aren’t worth telling if it was about something mundane, ordinary, or fathomable. The best stories are about unbelievable, extraordinary, unexpected things. If I wanted believable, I’d read my f(@#&$ journal. So… I recommend it as a short vacation / weekend read. It’s not soooo consuming you’d skip out on going out to dinner or regularly scheduled sex but I preferred it to clicking around netflix, amazon prime, or hbogo looking for something to watch.

The Movie
I give it a B-. To be fair, I read the book and then a few nights later I watched it on Amazon Prime so there was no cool down period. I believe the movie just glazed over the book, so much of it was conveyed through thoughts in diary form. I don’t think the transfer from diary to video blog translated quite well; could be the acting though… it’s hard to convey the toll of isolation in micro expressions as opposed to pages of text. To be quite honest I felt somewhat cheated, it was as if I read the cliffsnotes version.

There you have it. B/B-.