Teacher Snatches Microphone from Boy With Autism During Thanksgiving Play

Update: Caleb shares his newly recorded “gobble gobble” video to thank his supporters.
Kent Squires and Amanda Riddles six-year-old son Caleb, who has high functioning autism, was excitedly looking forward to playing the role of a turkey in his class Thanksgiving costumed play.
He was particularly excited about being able to say his “gobble gobble” line as part of the performance.
However, as seen in the video above, the teacher snatches the microphone away from him immediately before he can say his line. Caleb becomes quite distraught, and the audience isn’t quite sure how to react. Some laugh uncomfortably, but it is perhaps obvious that everyone knows what the teacher did was completely uncalled for.
Squires then posted on the Facebook group Autism Speaks1:

“I left in tears because one teacher Mrs. Linsey I think her name is grabbed the microphone from Caleb and in a mean way,” Riddle wrote on YouTube. “My son is a little different I know this but his heart is so big and he loves everyone. What does it matter if he wanted to say gobble gobble he was the turkey after all. I’m sick of kids that are not considered ‘normal’ be treated the way they are.”

According to WDTV News, superintendent of Harrison County Schools Dr. Mark Manchin says there was no malicious intent, and “that the teacher feels horrible about the incident.” He does, however, disagree with her actions. “But there’s no way to defend it, okay. We saw it, I saw it, the 17 second snippet…there’s no way to defend it.” He goes on to say she felt “horrible” about her actions. And frankly, she should.