How Does Snoring Affect Your Marriage?

If your spouse snores, and it disrupts your ability to get a good night’s rest, how does that affect your marriage over the long term? If instead you are the one that snores, do you worry how your snoring is affecting your spouse? Should you be more concerned?
Dr. Guy Winch, licensed psychologist, and author of Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts, discusses how snoring can deeply affect an otherwise stable relationship. He writes that “snoring often fosters deep resentments between partners that can erode their feelings for one another and damage their couplehood and their sex lives.”

they often develop a habit that can be devastating to their marriage–they sleep in another room.

One of the most dangerous habits to can sneak into a relationship is that these couples will oftentimes not sleep in the same room together. Dr. Winch mentions that he works closely with “couples who complain about an unsatisfactory sex life yet neglect to mention they no longer sleep in the same bedroom until I inquire about it directly.”
Dr. Winch outlines five ways to manage snoring within a relationship:

  1. If the snoring is affecting you, bring it up, kindly but as a serious topic.
  2. The snorer should agree to find a medical solution or invest in an anti-snoring device
  3. If the snorer is doing their best to fix the issue, the other spouse should validate their efforts. You’re a team!
  4. Invest in high quality ear plugs or a jaw supporter
  5. White noise machines might also help

How have you managed snoring in your relationship? Leave a comment and share below.
Good night and good rest!
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