Health Quiz: What Breast Cancer Treatment Carries the Most Risk?

What Breast Cancer Treatment Carries the Most Risk?

  1. Lumpectomy
  2. Brachytherapy
  3. Irradiation
  4. Mastectomy + Reconstruction

Answer: Mastectomy + Reconstruction

According to a new study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Mastectomy and Reconstructive Surgery has the highest rate of complications and complication-related costs regardless of patient age.
“Until now, there’s been little data to understand the differences in complication profile of these treatment options, and even less data to understand the difference in cost between those options. It was important that we try to quantify their complication profile and cost, both for patients making these decisions and for payers, ” explained Benjamin Smith, M.D.
“For the retrospective, population-based study, the researchers collected data on early-stage breast cancer patients from 2000-2011, all of whom had insurance coverage one year prior and two years post diagnosis. In total, 44,344 patients from the MarketScan research database (a nationwide employment claims database) younger than 65, and 60,867 patients from the SEER-Medicare database age 66 and older were identified. Complications from local therapy was defined as a diagnosis or procedure code within two years for any of the following: wound complication; local infection; seroma or hematoma; fat necrosis; breast pain; pneumonitis; rib fracture; implant removal or graft failure.” – Article
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