Do Other Countries Consider Our Milk Poison?

In a Recent Investigation, U.S. Milk Was Found to Contain a Substance That Is Banned in over 30 Countries. Do you know what it is?

  1. Growth Hormones
  2. Herbicide
  3. Pesticide
  4. Chloryphyll

Answer: Growth Hormones
Hormones that are found in U.S. conventional, non-organic milk are banned in Europe, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada. There is evidence that it leads to high levels of a cancer-causing hormone in our bodies. You can read more on the study here. It doesn’t end there however… The investigation also found herbicides and pesticide residue within the milk. A test study conducted by Moms Across America found pesticides present in Mothers’ Breast Milk and Urine. You can read about the findings from that study here. It’s not the first time we’ve found glyphosate present in foods… you can read the full report of the investigation here. You can also read more on an article we posted about glyphosate and popular foods here. High levels of glyphosate have been linked to thyroid disease, cancer and kidney disease, and an increased risk to infertility and birth defect.