CDC: Protect Yourself, This Disease Has Reached Record Highs

Which of the following has the CDC reported as reaching an unprecedented high?

  1. Measles
  2. Ebola
  3. STDs
  4. Zika Infections

Answer: STDs

In a recent CDC report STD infections where found to have risen to unprecedented highs. Chlamydia was reported to have increased by 5.9%, Gonorrhea at a 12.8% increase, and Syphilis at a 19% increase from 2014-2015. To read more on the report click here.
The CDC recommends you learn the facts in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. Click here to learn more on effective strategies for reducing STD risk.
Not to add to the scare… but there has been a recent report on gonorrhea progressively becoming more resistant to antibiotics. Click here to read the report.