Healthy behaviours are more common than you might think

What we think others do, and what we think they approve of, are factors that have an important influence on our own behaviour.

Why screen time before bed is bad for children

Sleep is an essential part of our development and wellbeing. It is important for learning and memory, emotions and behaviours, and our health more generally.

The Low-Down on Standing Desks

The Low-Down on Standing Desks

Sitting, it’s becoming fashionable to note, is the “new smoking”. Sedentary behaviour dominates modern life, just as smoking did some decades ago.

How we showed ‘sleeping on it’ really is the best way to solve a...

Have you ever struggled to finish a level of Candy Crush or complete a Sudoku puzzle in the evening but breezed through it the following morning? The reason may please anyone who’s been told they spend too much time in bed asleep.

Is a cult of happiness leading us to lose sight of life?

This article is part of a series, On Happiness, examining what it means and how it might be achieved in the 21st century.