Confirmed: Zika Virus Transmitted from Mosquitos in Continental US

Health departments have identified several areas where Zika is being spread by mosquitoes within the continental US. For affected areas and dates click here.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Associated with Strawberries Exported from Egypt

Anyone who consumed frozen strawberries at a restaurant within the last 50 days is encouraged to watch for symptoms of hepatitis A. For affected areas and dates click here.

Salmonella Causes Recall of Packaged Nuts

Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. For affected brands and dates click here.

Toys Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

The toys contain small eggs and the chicken can break into small plastic pieces, both posing a choking

Vegetables Recalled Due To Listeria Contamination

30,000 cases of various fresh-cut vegetable products are being recalled due to potential Listeria contamination. For brands and affected dates click here.

Frozen Entrées Recalled Due to Contamination Scare

Glass or hard plastic was found by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. For affected brands and dates click here.

Sausage Products Recalled For Allergen Concerns

18,672 pounds of pork and chicken sausage products recalled due to undeclared allergens. For affected brands and dates click here.

Microwaves Recalled Due to House Fires

These microwaves were sold nationwide from Best Buy, Sears, Lowes, and others. For affected brand names, model numbers, and dates click here.
Siluriformes Fish Products Recalled Due to Possible Adulteration

Catfish Products Recalled Due to Possible Adulteration

Don't eat these until you check this list >>
Shrimp Scampi Products Recalled For Allergen Concerns

Shrimp Scampi Products Recalled For Allergen Concerns

Make sure you aren't about to eat any of these products >>