New research shows that senior citizens who walk or exercise regularly see tremendous benefits in their health and

Life expectancy across the world is growing, but the number of those extra years in which we’re healthy is not rising at the same rate.

Health Insurance Denied
With the advent of new technology, consumers are concerned their health coverage may be denied due to?iPhone Usage A Sit Down Job Screen Time Fitbit DataAnswer: Fitbit Data In a recent article by Andrew Boyd, Assistant Professor, Biomedical and Health Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago outlines concerns about...
Could your Fitbit data be used to deny you health insurance
Andrew Boyd, University of Illinois at ChicagoWearing a fitness tracking device could earn you cash from your health insurance company. At first, this sounds lucrative for the people who participate, and good for the companies, who want healthier insurance customers. But it’s not quite so simple.Under the program, people...
In a recent report by the CDC the organization identifies serious consequences of hand sanitizer exposure including apnea, acidosis, and comas in young children 12 or younger. The data collected includes various types of exposure: dermal, ocular, inhalation, ingestion. To read the in-depth findings click here.

Getting fit and losing weight are consistently among the top New Year’s resolutions, and January is the boom period for the billion-dollar gym industry.

In spite of the bad press, stored fat is actually a really wonderful thing. Without the capacity to store energy in the form of fat, we would have been unlikely to survive through millions of years of evolution and we would certainly look very different to the way we look today.

Growing up, tea drinking was reserved for my grandmother’s visits. Making it followed a strict and fascinating ritual. Take scalding hot water.

Crossfit Fails Extreme Exercise Gone Terribly Wrongvideo
Crossfit is a popular form of exercise that boasts extreme fitness and weight loss opportunities without all the boring stuff like, you know, using correct form or attempting to work out safely. Watch this video for a compilation of all the best crossfit fails.<!-- var iOS = /iPad|iPhone|iPod/.test(navigator.userAgent) && !window.MSStream; if (iOS) { ...
Water Health Warning
After swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, a 31-year-old man has died from an infection with a flesh-eating bug, according to the British Medical Journal.The unidentified man had recently acquired a new tattoo, and he opted to swim 5 days after doing so, while his tattoo had not fully...